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Muramasa Kudo

Japan ( 1948 - )

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"Life is art..." is the creed of world renowned Japanese artist, calligrapher, Muramasa Kudo. An innovative renaissance man who sees the art and wonder in all aspects of his life. His artist style is influenced by both Zen philosophy and the ancient practice of calligraphy. Kudo was born in Kawamata-Machi, a small town near Fukushima City, north of Tokyo, Japan in 1948. Kudo's skilled, artistic gift is inherited from his ancestors, since the 12th century, the men of Kudo house have been Samurai's , a once respected profession. At age 1 his extraordinary skill won him first place in Japan's Youth Competition., the International-All- Asia Competition and finally at 14 he won the International World Committee Calligraphy Competition. Inspired by Japan's turbulent social reinvention, Kudo was very active in his youth and teenage years and continued to broaden his creative awareness in pursuit of mastering himself. Kudo found his sanctuary from a calligraphy Master, who became his first teacher in Zen philosophy, which allowed his creative instincts to flourish and taught him the skills and discipline which uncommonly characterizes his contemporary works. He has continued the rigorous practice of Zen philosophy for over 20 years. Kudo has traveled the world extensively and is by nature outgoing, spirited and enchanting. Diversified in his desires, his talents are many. He is self taught and proficient in fine culinary cuisine, classical and modern guitar. He is comfortable at the piano and sports a crooner's voice. He has held a myriad of unusual jobs. Kudo's resume is broad and unusual, ranging form race car driver, jewelry trader, emerald mine hunter in the jungles of Brazil, restaurant cook, textile designer, importer, exporter to developer of some 28 restaurants. However, Kudo feels that his greatest accomplishment is his four sons; as is his art. Kudo work evokes a sense of escape and fantasy. many of his paintings are inspired by strong, goddess-like women who dwell in the natural settings Kudo has loved since a child. Deemed a "master of line" by his critics, Kudo is acclaimed for his clean, simple and controlled style which earned him distinction in calligraphy. His skill of calligraphy, gives each original painting, refinement and delicacy of detail, as a great master of the line drawing. Kudo feels that this philosophy of art is best stated in the Book of Five Rings, Sumi-e is a Zen painting technique, which reelects life. It is a direct action with no hesitation. The line represents economy and constancy, a clean and powerful line can describe all figures. This form of art is very disciplined, difficult and unforgiving. The common thread in all of his art is the total control of form and balance, color and imagery. Kudo derives great gratification giving back to the world through his contributions to several charities, including the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, Children's Diabetes Foundation, Heal the Bay, Venice Family Clinic, Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra Chorus, World Hunger Project, Angel Art, AIDS Project Lost Angeles and The Los Angeles Children's Museum. In 1992, the California Senate recognized kudo for his contributions to the arts. Senator Art Torres, Chairman of the Pacific Rim committee appointed Kudo as California's Cultural Ambassador to Japan and the Pacific Rim. Many people of notoriety around the world are faithful patrons of Kudo's genius. These include Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Jackson, Raoul Julia, Francis Ford Coppola, Whoppi Goldberg, Oliver Stone, Brooke Shields. Other esteemed collectors include Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand, Prince Hommood of Saudi Arabia, Prince Charles Antoine de Ligne of Belgium, His Highness Prince Homood Bin Saud of Saudi Arabia and His Excellency General Chavalit-interior Minister of Thailand and His Wife Khuying Phankrua. Kudo's fine art has been exhibited across Asia, the United States and Europe. In the near future he desires to spend more time in Europe developing as enthusiastic a following as he enjoys in the United States and Asia. Kudo maintains a unique art studio in Marina Del Rey, California which in itself reflects Kudo's refined sense of character. He also maintains a studio in Tokyo, Japan. He lives predominately in California with his sons. Kudo's life as in the past continues to progress with controlled, tranquil diversity and grace, moment to moment, instinctively following his inner master. Muramasa Kudo's aspirations are plentiful and he longs to make them reality. He does not want to be merely a dreamer but a dream-maker....