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Al Schreiber / Jill Hand

USA ( 1929 - )

Available Works:

3-D Constructions

Born Albert Schreiber in the lower east side of New York City in January 1929, Al began life in the most unique of circumstances, both Al's parents were deaf mutes.

By extraordinary good fortune both Albert and his older brother Jerry were the only members of the entire Schreiber family not to be inflicted by the illness, it did however offer Al the opportunity to become extremely well versed in the art of sign language which would provide personal and professional opportunities throughout his life.

Because of his parents lack of speech they had to attract young Al by banging on a table and up until he was nearly five years old Al though of this action as his name, this simple action that even today brings back memories of childhood to Al.

Al left home at 16 and had to have an aunt sign the parental papers to allow him to become part of the merchant marines. After a short period Al decided that his future lay with the United States Navy and was found to have the skills to become part of the medical corps. He spent his tour of duty as base medical supervisor, taking care of all medial issues including supplies and even dentistry on all the smaller west coast facilities. As ironic as it may be, Al never went to sea; he actually spent most of his time in the US Navy stationed in the Mojave Desert!

After a tour of duty in the United States Navy, Al worked for the Hearst Publishing Corporation as National Sales Manager, and is credited with the success of finding and developing many of today's best known and respected writers. One of the most famous of whom had written his first novel "Carrie" and after a dismal first edition was given to Al to promote through his sales force, after much effort and a second release "Carrie" became a success and the career of Steven King was born.

Al then relocated to Florida where a multitude of outdoor activities keeps him busy year round. It was here that Al was introduced to the work of "Fazzino", and although impressed by Fazzino Al thought that much of the historical reference of the pieces was either missing or inaccurate, making comment to his wife that he would love to help the artist with historical research to make the work more authentic.

When an illness rendered Al bedridden for several weeks, his wife remembered his comments about the Fazzino work and purchased the necessary tools to allow Al to pass the time by drawing images recalled from his childhood. Realizing that he could transfer his memories onto canvas he began to paint in earnest.

Growing up on the east side of Manhattan, Al had absorbed the sights sounds and flavor of the "old neighborhood", which he has incorporated into a series of paintings, entitled "Nostalgia". Combining a lifelong hobby of compiling trivia (based on the neighborhoods of New York circa 1940-1950) with his new found artistic ability, Al focused on depicting what life was like in the five boroughs as well as colorfully spirited images in his adopted Florida home in South Beach.

His first professional showing at the Delray art affair in 1998 completely sold out and such was the demand for his work that Al turned to publishing his work to feed the demand for the now extremely popular three dimensional, historically accurate renditions of city life in the 20th century.

Al now spends his life traveling extensively throughout the country, adding vibrant and stimulating renditions of major cities to his portfolio. When not traveling, Al Schreiber has successfully exhibited and marketed his work in both original and three dimensional forms throughout the United States.